Most Asked

How long do you draw for?

Depending on the package booked.

Half day drawing sessions are 2.5 hours, during the drinks reception. For the full day, drawing sessions are broken into two time slots. During the drinks reception & after the meal reception, for a total of 5 hours.

Can you draw for longer?

Yes I can, additional time is charged per hour.

I can attend both the drinks reception & after the meal. Contact me for a full quote

Do guests have to keep very still?

No they don’t, I would however ask that they face me. Guests usually chat away or enjoy some champagne & canapés while I draw them.

Watching someone acting natural is easier for me to draw as I get a sense of their character.

Can my guests bring their illustration with them straight away?

Yes they can. I use pigment ink markers that dry instantly, so guests can take their illustration with them straight away.

I place each illustration in a protective sleeve, to keep them safe but I can also keep the illustrations to give to the wedding planner at the end of the session.

Do guests enjoy this?

Attending a couples wedding day is always a special privilege that I dont take for granted & knowing that the guests I draw will treasure the illustration I draw of them as a lasting keepsake makes me happy.

A show or entrainment can be over the in flash, but the experience of sitting in front of a professional artist to be drawn is unique. Something guests may have not done before. The bonus is a lasting artwork from a special couples wedding day, that can be framed and displayed for many years to come.


I have met guests that I drew at weddings years previously, who remark that they still have their personal illustration today.

Where do you set up?

Bridal couples & venues have the best ideas when it comes to location.

I can set up in a location that works best for each wedding. I sit at a desk height table & have two seats for guests to sit & sip their champagne, while I draw them. If I am drawing at the evening reception, I need to be located close to a plug socket for my small desk lamp.

During the summer, many couples ask me to draw in the gardens.

Do you mind if people watch you draw?

No I don’t. I am well used to people watching me draw & am happy to answer any questions they many have.

Will you draw the bridal couple?

Yes of course, this is always the highlight of the day!

I would generally draw the bridal couple, after the meal call, while the guests are being seated. If we have ran out of time, I am happy to take a photo & draw the bridal couple from this. Sending it on to the bridal couple at a later date.

Can you draw guests from photographs?

No, I draw guests who are seated in front of me.

We have a bespoke wedding motif, can we include this design on the paper?

Yes, I love a bespoke wedding motif!

Before the wedding date, I will work with the bridal couple to design their branded paper that I will use on the wedding day. If you have a motif that you are using throughout your “wedding branding” I am happy to include this in the paper design.

What are your rates?

For a full quote including travel cost, please email me your wedding date & venue details.

Do you have a travel fee?

A travel fee applies for venues outside the Meath area at .50c/km.

If you pass on your venue details, I am happy to send on a quote for travel.

How does the booking process work?

  1. Contact me with your date, venue detail and any other requirements, and I reply with a quote.
  2. If you’re happy with the quote, I send over a contract with terms & conditions.
  3. You sign the contract (digitally) and send me a €150 deposit by Paypal or bank transfer, which secures the booking.
  4. I will contact you three months before the wedding date, half of the remaining balance is due then.
  5. I will then contact you nearer the wedding date to check in with you, and get more details. Arranging the design for the paper that I will use on the wedding day
  6. The remaining balance is due the week of the wedding.
  7. I arrive 30mins before my booking begins, to get set up.

How long in advance do you take bookings?

I open bookings one year in advance & take on a limited number of weddings each year.

Currently I am only taking bookings for 2022 & 2023. I have a waiting list, if you wish to join that will notify you when bookings for 2024 will open. Join here

Why book me?

By booking me you are hiring a professional, you get someone who has been there, done that & learned from dozens of other weddings.

You’re paying for my experience, knowledge, talent & the fact no matter what it takes,

I will deliver.

Is this your real job?

Yes, I am a professional illustrator. Here is other work I create.

The number one question I get asked by every Irish dad that sits down to be drawn at every wedding.

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